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Kate's Test Page [[Cohort_Webinars]]
Kate's Test Page [[Cohort_Webinars]]
[[National Digital Stewardship Residents
</br>For more information:
</br>For more information:

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Breakdown of Analog Broadcast Standards

MediaConch for Quality Assurance

Using Checksum Manifests

PBCore MediaInfo Output

All Purpose Resources


Database Considerations

Digital Storage Considerations

Digitization options

Getting Started with Digital Preservation

Understanding Digital Formats

Overviews of Fundamental Concepts

Manuals created from AAPB NDSR Programs: Public Broadcasting Digital Stewardship


Think Like a Computer: Programming and More

Tools by Format

American Archive of Public Broadcasting - National Digital Stewardship Residency

Kate's Test Page Cohort_Webinars

For more information:

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