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The MediaInfo application allows a user to see various types of technical metadata that are embedded in the file or are interpretable from the file’s structure. This metadata can then be stored as a record which provides future users with a great deal of information without having to open or view the file. This information, such as the runtime of a video file, the sample rate of an audio file, or the resolution of a still image file, is formatted to MediaInfo’s various output options.

MediaInfo can now export reports in fields that comply with the PBCore 2.0 data structure standard. In a Windows environment, this command line script creates a MediaInfo report as a PBCore 2.0 compliant XML file, named after the input video file:

for %%F in ('%1') do (mediainfo --output=PBCore2 %1 > %%~nF_MediaInfo.xml

In a Mac environment, the same result can be achieved with the following command line script:

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